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KR Mini: Energize your practices and performances with diverse rhythm patterns!


KR Mini: Energize your practices and performances with diverse rhythm patterns!

Designed for guitarists, bassists, pianists or any musician looking for easy rhythm accompaniment, the KR mini features nostalgic looks and a simple design focused on easy, push-button control. The KR mini is also lightweight, can run on batteries and has a built-in speaker, allowing it to provide a backing rhythm pattern anywhere at any time. With a total of 60 diverse rhythm patterns across the genres, the compact KR Mini is ready to accompany any performance.

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  1. Richard Stillman

    06/10/2018 à 22:12

    How do you do a waltz rhythm?

  2. ReneeNme

    01/01/2019 à 23:52

    Good lord. Are you kidding me ?? An old school Yamaha RX7 ( circa 1987 ) is cutting edge technology compared to this thing.

  3. Ciaran Puente

    06/13/2019 à 03:32

    this reminds me of old nickeleodeon commercials

  4. Jorge Seabra

    01/03/2020 à 06:22

    Nice machine!, pity I can't play with it, too complex to program. Dear Korg, how about a tutorial?

  5. milowagon

    01/23/2020 à 14:19

    The snare sounds like my dog, head butting the back door.

  6. childofthe60s100

    02/03/2020 à 05:06

    Does anyone know – what was the Vox double cutaway guitar model???

  7. Mark Knoop

    03/11/2020 à 21:53

    Can we get a KR pro please? With 1000+ patterns, programmable songs, editable time signatures and tempos etc… Like the old Yamaha RY30, kawai r50e etc but with better sound, more memory, and the ability to save onto external SD. I have an electribe esx2 but it's so geared towards 'beats' it's difficult to programme complex but realistic drum patterns for band demos. There has to be a gap in the market here… The Alesis SR16/18 seems to be the only option but is seriously outdated (saves data to tape?) Not everyone wants to go down the software DAW route…

  8. Roter Fuchs

    05/18/2020 à 00:07

    Why didn't the guitar guy bring the dog to his gig?

  9. Hans J Kuss

    07/30/2020 à 20:38

    It is complex!!! One would think that you could dial in BPM (Beat Per Minute), but not with this gadget. No YOUTUBE support available. Nothing appears in the cookbook about programming BPM. The typical "quick and dirty" instructions do not provide any help, examples, algorithms, differential equations, NADA!!! Don't buy this device. It is not user-friendly!

  10. Gustavo A

    11/29/2020 à 10:50

    Caustic or FL Studio mobile + Boss RC 30 + a portable loudspeaker. More expensive set, but you get way more freedom in your patterns

  11. George Aragon

    01/26/2021 à 04:15

    Damn, the hate was raw on this one. Relax there, Mozarts! Its 89 dollats for crying out loud.

  12. Doug Syler

    03/03/2021 à 03:14

    I can't play 3 or 6 beat/measure on mine?

  13. Gelatinous

    04/02/2021 à 01:44

    Ok but why does it sound so bad lmao

  14. snæcktrick

    04/26/2021 à 01:22

    Does this have pre set rthyms? Like boss nova? Or waltz etc?

  15. Chip Means

    05/08/2021 à 03:58

    For everyone saying $89 is cheap for this – you can get any number of <$5 drum machine apps on your phone. Portable speaker and better sounds that this thing.

  16. Peter Knowles

    05/29/2022 à 16:08

    Worth the money , cos cheap and easy to use the basic functions. However, trying to do more complex things such as creating your own rhythms is beyond me and as usual beyond the manual to explain it in a clear, concise manner. Most of the you tube videos that I have seen are equally as confusing. Over to you KORG

  17. Joe Jeanne Gavura

    08/11/2022 à 16:26

    Can anyone give me a good video on how to get the most of this device. Starting with the basics and working it thorough with a song demo using a guitar

  18. Roberto Arduini

    01/02/2023 à 17:15

    Can i sync it with other synth ?

  19. StoneChords

    01/03/2023 à 21:07

    OMG — nine years out, and this thing still has no decent video tutorials. The manual is crap. Lack of tempo fine-tuning (like, where you can actually identify and change your tempo to a specific speed) makes this all but worthless. (Searching for a sledgehammer)

  20. The Carl Steinberg Show

    02/05/2023 à 08:16

    What's that piano at 0:21 ?

  21. Jonathon Earl

    05/30/2023 à 03:14

    The question I have is this. Are there any differences with the number and types of drum patterns between the KR-Mini and the KR-55? Does one have more than the other?

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