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Hula Hooping Basics | Hula Hooping


Hula Hooping Basics | Hula Hooping

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All right. Hula Hoop Basics. To get started, you want to start with your feet hip distance apart, maybe a little bit wider. Comfortable stance, not too wide. You want to keep it just outside your shoulders. One foot should be slightly in front of the other. It doesn’t matter which one. You can experiment and try both. I would suggest that. Keep your knees nice and soft and your spine nice and straight, like you’re trying to balance a book on your head. So knees are nice and soft, the spine is nice and straight.

You’re going to shift your weight from one foot to the other. This is the motion that you’re going to use to get the hoop to continue moving around your body. Most people like to think that it’s a circular motion, but that’s actually not the case. They’re hitting with either your left or your right hip to continue to keep the hoop going around.

So start with the hoop against your back, knees soft, spine nice and straight. Rotate the hoop to the side. Give it a nice push and then begin shifting, pushing with that left or right hip, whichever is most comfortable. Remember to experiment with the foot that’s in front. Notice and feel when the hoop is touching your back and is touching your belly. And you’re going to give it resistance by pushing back against it. So when the hoop is touching my belly I’m pushing forward, and when the hoop is touching my back, I’m pushing back.

If you notice that the hoop begins to drop, it is helpful to bend the knees slightly, hit a little bit harder with that hip and move a little bit quicker to push the hoop around you again.

So to show that I’ve got my hoop going, I’m shifting my weight onto my left foot to continue to keep it going, and then if I start going too slow, it starts to fall. Bend down. Bend your knees straight down inside the hoop. Hit it harder with that left hip to bring it back up, or right, depending on which direction your hoop is.

So I’ll show that from the side. Starts to fall, bend down. Notice that my spine is nice and straight. If I try to bend this way, it automatically falls.

Those are your Hula Hoop Basics.




  1. Rohini Zambere

    01/11/2019 à 14:01

    Very easy

  2. The gang sisters vids

    03/13/2019 à 08:14

    Omg this really like i mean it really really helped me a lot like srly

  3. هبه الورده

    03/28/2019 à 18:28

    اسوان اشون 😥😥😥😥

  4. ابو عبدالرحمن

    04/11/2019 à 08:55

    أسوء تعليم للهوهب

  5. A R Y A D 55

    05/01/2019 à 12:38

    انا اعرف من 4 سنوات سهلة

  6. layan

    05/20/2019 à 23:59

    is so hard🙂

  7. Maria🌿

    06/13/2019 à 05:40

    Wow thanx so much makes so much sense!♥️

  8. Marcelo Márquez

    07/05/2019 à 13:51

    If you are going to make an instructable video, don't drop the Hula.


  9. TheFuriator

    07/21/2019 à 14:46

    Amazing tutorial!

  10. M Ramey

    08/29/2019 à 12:06

    Wow! Lifelong mystery solved!!

  11. Stacey P

    11/05/2019 à 07:23

    How long does it take to learn

  12. Stacey P

    11/07/2019 à 04:47

    Thanks for the video. It helped a lot. Here is my progress

  13. Firstname Lastname

    01/17/2020 à 08:55

    She needs carrəts as well
    (Love erichovinetz)
    ( :
    In easy-e we pay er pray?.;

  14. 💚Ran Thefox💚Archon Dendro

    01/23/2020 à 18:33

    ثنكيو علي المعلزمه لم اقن اعرف كيف ارقص بي الهيلهوب

  15. Lalo Aziz

    02/13/2020 à 17:42


  16. دعاء

    03/22/2020 à 15:52

    I can’t do that🙂💔💔

  17. Sophia Fantauzzo

    04/18/2020 à 20:49

    So, we're all here because we can't hula hoop.

  18. thirupathi vangala

    05/19/2020 à 16:16

    So easy

  19. Hgyhgd Fgjhrre

    05/29/2020 à 11:57


  20. Another Look

    06/19/2020 à 12:39

    You make it look so easy!

  21. Dooglive

    06/24/2020 à 05:53

    You remind me of drew Barrymore for some reason…

  22. Robeen Robeen

    07/08/2020 à 19:25


  23. 최윤선

    07/13/2020 à 22:16

    I came here after watching Hillary Hahn playing Paganini while she was hula hooping. Dang, I just want to do one thing right; I am not a greedy person.


    07/17/2020 à 09:09


  25. mk mk

    07/22/2020 à 17:04

    This is so easy i did it

  26. سما

    08/16/2020 à 14:22

    WOW 💏

  27. Kim

    09/08/2020 à 06:27

    who is doing and watching this in lockdown?

  28. Starmoc Explorer

    10/21/2020 à 08:32

    Nice tutorial

  29. start game

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  30. joy

    11/11/2020 à 18:28

    Which hoop size is that?

  31. mohameb s3ede

    11/20/2020 à 01:08

    مش فاهم بس اكيد انتي صح😂👍

  32. ana ugalde

    12/09/2020 à 16:19

    anyone ese here in 2020?

  33. MrMan _

    12/28/2020 à 17:49


  34. Notes-to-Davon-from-Mom-2022

    01/08/2021 à 06:45

    I’m gonna start doing this while out in public so people will remember to stand 6ft away from me….or maybe they will think I’m crazy and just leave😏….either way I win😆😂😂

  35. احمد احمد

    01/13/2021 à 18:06


  36. Nono Dodo

    02/08/2021 à 13:22


  37. Marc Meyer

    02/12/2021 à 02:53

    We got a weave hoop

  38. ABODE

    02/14/2021 à 11:50


  39. مني عارفة احرك جسمي ابدا

  40. Minalill

    12/13/2021 à 20:20

    I can certify that this instruction is idiot proof! I managed to hula hoop after just practicing for a few minutes using the instructions in this video.

  41. Clifford Reyes

    03/15/2022 à 00:51

    its easybro

  42. Crystal Shaw

    05/29/2022 à 23:12

    Downloading for my granddaughter

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