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How to Do the Ronaldo Chop | Soccer Skills


How to Do the Ronaldo Chop | Soccer Skills

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Learn how to do the Ronaldo Chop from Coach Frank Hauser in this Howcast soccer video.

The Ronaldo Chop is a great move to beat the defender, for example, on the wings and break through for a cross ball later. The Ronaldo Chop is a move you can do at high speed or is even suggested through a high speed to gain momentum and take the momentum as your advantage while beating the defender.

The Ronaldo Chop is a move when you face the defender face to face. You go at high speed at the defender. For example you dribble with the right foot. Once you get closer to the defender you kind of jump into the ball forward while kicking the ball behind the opposite leg that is swinging in front of the ball. So the ball goes behind the front leg while you jump towards the ball. Taking off with the right foot. Hitting the ball with the inside of the foot while the left leg is kind of swinging around the ball.

The advantage of this move is that you can do it as I said at high speed. But while doing that move, you change direction quickly while the opposite leg is shielding the ball from interception.

This is the basic of doing the Ronaldo Chop. That will help you on the wings and in goal scoring positions.




  1. Una O dowd

    10/04/2015 Ă  11:09

    Joe weller

  2. Jewel Joshy

    10/10/2015 Ă  14:31

    I hit you with a chop, a Ronaldo chop, yo ain't gonna survive, you ain't gonna block-Joe Welller

  3. zizoegy8460

    11/12/2015 Ă  16:59

    I did this today in Football training in school as a nutmeg then assist!! it was crazyyy and my mates were screaming and laughing 😂😂

  4. Maurikio

    11/19/2015 Ă  01:02

    no hablo ingles pero entendi

  5. jae

    01/06/2016 Ă  02:57

    I thought Ronaldo was talking at first

  6. Alyaan King

    01/11/2016 Ă  12:44

    👌cuz i hit with a chop ronaldo chop 👌

  7. Francisco Silva

    01/14/2016 Ă  21:57

    coach frank is ugly:-D

  8. Kemal Rizqy

    01/15/2016 Ă  11:02

    rafael nadal😂

  9. YSqueeze

    01/31/2016 Ă  02:00

    who saw the woman running at the back?

  10. Ivan Tanev

    04/05/2016 Ă  14:44

    omg is so easy

  11. Adi Kesan

    05/25/2016 Ă  15:32

    So easy

  12. Jadwiga Pajda

    06/10/2016 Ă  15:52

    so easy thanks man👍

  13. You Tube

    06/13/2016 Ă  17:13

    Thanks man this tutorial made me score 3 goals

  14. GregTheGammer !!!

    07/20/2016 Ă  08:24

    Yea ronaldo7 CR7

  15. Mahone

    07/30/2016 Ă  02:58

    I find it funny that its named the Ronaldo chop considering there were footballers that used that move way before him. If u watched la liga in the late 90s > Djalminha

  16. Natalie Lines

    08/03/2016 Ă  08:48

    This has never helped me more

  17. Quantum

    08/05/2016 Ă  11:10

    I taught myself this move?! I didn't even know it was a thing

  18. Vixzy

    08/07/2016 Ă  17:44

    it is easy

  19. L.A.C_MUA

    09/28/2016 Ă  23:21

    I watch this and all I can hear in my head is Joe Weller

  20. Corp ll

    10/23/2016 Ă  23:03

    Who watching this in 2016

  21. Joel

    11/10/2016 Ă  21:36

    I just randomly did it when I was having a kick about, didn't even know it was a move lol…

  22. Eduardo Amador

    02/01/2017 Ă  21:25

    That ball thooo😂😂

  23. Daniel Manning

    05/16/2017 Ă  22:43

    Can't stop won't stop till I hit u wit da chop da Ronaldo chop

  24. Seun MajekodunmikikiEmmanuel

    12/22/2017 Ă  13:29

    I could it better

  25. Kiel Ottrey

    06/20/2018 Ă  14:58

  26. James Mason

    01/27/2019 Ă  23:58

    Pisses me off when they call it the 'Ronaldo chop' – I saw loads of players doing this before Ronaldo. Roberto Carlos, R9, Denilson and Ronaldinho were doing it in the 90's ffs. Also saw a very young Joe Cole doing it for West Ham around 98 or 99 – years before Ronaldo had even made his debut!

  27. Lazio Morphine

    04/12/2019 Ă  18:33

    Gotta do it on the right wing with my strong foot (left) bc i dont practice my right foot lmao

  28. Chris Jones

    02/28/2020 Ă  03:03

    in australia we call a "chop" a defensive move. it involves an untalented player being caught with the ball in a position away from eyesight and the attacker will stud them. getting the ball.

  29. Addison loves 🐹

    01/20/2021 Ă  06:02

    I love it that guy is good

  30. footballShortsHD

    01/27/2021 Ă  16:40

    It's easy

  31. Ayushman

    01/12/2022 Ă  13:59

    Cristiano is GOD. As simple as that â€ïžđŸ™ đŸ‡”đŸ‡č

  32. Howcast

    06/21/2022 Ă  18:41

    Learn to play soccer with your friends and check out this amazing gear for your next match!

    Sports Blackhawk Backyard Soccer Goal:


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    08/26/2022 Ă  00:07

    si ya une personne qui viens du live 24h de koumoo t un giga chad mon reuf

  34. argi0774

    11/22/2022 Ă  23:34

    "Ronaldo-Chop"?? this is pretty much a standard move what every child is doing for decades

  35. Big Bro

    02/15/2023 Ă  04:19

    Who else is trying to learn this technique after watching Barou from Blue Lock use it?

  36. Adnan Twakkal

    03/09/2023 Ă  02:32

    Who else had no idea wth Barou did?

  37. Kuroha Neko

    04/05/2023 Ă  06:56

    Barou moment

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