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How to Do a Front Poof | Salon Hair Tutorial


How to Do a Front Poof | Salon Hair Tutorial

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Hi everyone. My name is Dhiran Mistry. I work at the John Barrett Salon in Bergdorf Goodman. And I’m here today with Andrea. And we’re going to show you how to do a front poof.
So what you want to do is section the hair. The rest of the hair is going to stay down. So what we’re going to do is just take a section, probably from above the eyes, either side of the forehead, straight back into a triangle, to the crown. So on either side from above the eye, straight back, so just before the crown like that. So as you can see, we have kind of diagonal line going back to the middle. And then we’re going to do the same on the other side. So we have a large triangle section.
So what I’ve done here is created a triangle section going back towards the crown from just above the eyes. So this is going to be our section that we’re working with. So with that other hair, we’re just going to tuck it away behind the ears, just so it’s out of the way, so we don’t get our sections muddled.
What I’d suggest you do with this is just take small sections and we’re going to tease the hair. So with the first part, just tease it ever so slightly, like that, just to create a little bit of volume there. And then just take the next section, try not to take too big a section, because then you won’t actually get to teasing all of the hair. You’ll end up teasing just part of it. So just tease again gently towards the root, pulling the hair back and push the section back. Again, small section, push the comb in towards the root, pushing down like so. What you can do is also, just to keep that volume in the hair, just put a little bit of hairspray on there. Last section, again, pull the hair straight in your fingers, and push the comb in towards the root. The more you push, the bigger you’ll get. And then just place it back. So now you can see, we have the volume.
What you want to do next is grab a brush and just smooth the hair back, just to get rid of the flyaways and just so we can’t see that the hair is actually teased. So once you’ve teased everything, just use your brush to pull back the hair. And then holding in, over the crown, the pieces of hair that you’ve brushed back, and just keep looking in the mirror, just to make sure everything looks even, and then if I get Andrea to pull her head down, you’ll be able to see where my fingers are holding the hair, so just above the crown. I’ve got my fingers in place just there. That’s where you want to place your bobby pins.
So take your bobby pin, place it in the hair and just lock it in there. A good way of putting these bobby pins in is if you just put it into the hair, flip it over, and push it in and under. So it just tucks it in underneath. Then if you can see any, you just want to pull the hair across and over and place another bobby pin just inside of the hair. So there’s none visible.
And there you have it. Here, we’ve created a front poof.




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    02/26/2015 à 20:11


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  3. some donkus

    02/26/2015 à 20:42

    I don't know why but this was really intresting to watch.

  4. Flame | CsGo

    02/26/2015 à 21:48

    some ppl dnt have crowns right ontop of the head -_-

  5. A MH

    02/26/2015 à 22:05

    thanks =)

  6. Voltric

    02/26/2015 à 23:54

    No more tarot cards?
    Lol just joking

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    02/27/2015 à 00:19

    Best deals with this search engine….

  8. Ashley Fernandez

    02/27/2015 à 00:29

    3:17 he sticks up his middle finger 😂

  9. desertflowerz89

    02/27/2015 à 01:28

    They paid him for this? It's an old technique- and not complicated. They really milked the time on this 🙂

  10. eudaemonia

    04/03/2015 à 12:21

    I dont want to be Snooki !!

  11. Sawbonz

    04/21/2015 à 15:56

    So this is like howtobasic but legit?

  12. kaeliegh trappen

    05/06/2015 à 08:16

    So helpful because I'm a cheerleader!!
    You would think I could already do this.

  13. danell

    07/08/2015 à 13:33

    Poof for cheer leading :33

  14. ITzJPEE

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  16. Life Makeovers with Wilma D'Souza

    11/08/2016 à 11:51

    Nice tutorial but both sides not even. there's more hair to the right

  17. em

    03/03/2017 à 16:19

    Do a "Mousie from mi Vida Loca" hair tutorial pls. Or what is that hair style called?

  18. April Leyba

    03/21/2017 à 15:47

    I still think that's a boring hair style

  19. Danni Garland

    06/07/2017 à 23:32

    l do this for my daughter shes an irish dancer im quite good at it but her hair is thin and its difficult to create that big look any tips

  20. Amma kichan

    07/01/2017 à 14:17

    Happy lifetime

  21. Amma kichan

    07/01/2017 à 14:17

    Happy super

  22. Yashi Mishra

    08/24/2017 à 09:08

    Hmmmmm better but not best

  23. Monika Sharma

    12/06/2017 à 15:16

    Very small puff

  24. Ann Carman

    03/22/2018 à 03:24

    I was doing that style in the 60s.

  25. Puja Sareen

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  26. zohaib kw110

    05/01/2018 à 19:05

    like it

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  28. Ava Kenny

    07/26/2018 à 21:46

    Lmao the comments are iconic

  29. Melanie Lopez

    11/13/2018 à 08:08

    This tutorial was perfect because I wanna do this style for school in the morning because it’s cute and quick and I never knew how to do it I just did it right now following the hair stylist and it came out perfect!🥰

  30. I love Irish dance

    07/19/2019 à 16:46

    Who here is an Irish dancer?

  31. Shahla

    09/16/2019 à 18:34

    great, its helpful

  32. Morenikeji Oyafajo

    09/28/2019 à 12:27


  33. Gretchen Hudgens

    10/18/2019 à 22:21

    What brand and style comb are u using ??

  34. Just Julia

    05/09/2020 à 07:08

    How do you do this with bangs

  35. Psycho sparkle PNG

    06/16/2020 à 09:48

    I’m out here for the adora hair style

  36. planet brownies

    08/01/2020 à 09:52

    I'm doing this for Adora😔👊

  37. a

    08/08/2020 à 21:19

    Who else is trying to copy Adora's hairstyle

  38. Danny CakesItOn

    09/25/2020 à 18:45

    Im sorry but that hair was awfully flat. Couldn't even call it a poof because its nowhere near!!!

  39. mīłəý?

    11/23/2020 à 10:31

    That is really uneven, the back also looked pretty messy with the bobbypins, just didn't make the back look very good.

  40. Rebecca Strickland

    01/14/2021 à 00:59

    I have to do this with a bun for dance

  41. Fern

    01/24/2021 à 17:49

    Hey adora 😏

  42. lio_oil

    05/09/2021 à 20:48

    Thought I was the only one here for Adoras hair yet the SPOP fandom has already infiltrated 😂

  43. Lady Green Tea

    07/10/2021 à 16:06

    Andrea is crazy gorgeous

  44. stargirl

    07/24/2021 à 19:30

    hey adora

  45. Jo E

    08/16/2021 à 08:49

    Is hair spray essential?

  46. Candy Garcelli

    08/22/2021 à 03:32

    Doing this style to look like Effy 😼

  47. LetsBeHonest

    11/18/2021 à 06:42

    Did you put the Bobby pin with the lumpy grooves facing up,or down to the scalp?

  48. Lynda Samarin

    04/13/2022 à 01:22


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